Helping electrical co-ops serve their communities safely

Safety, Efficiency and Compliance

Software systems that allow business to correlate captured data and realize true business impact.


PowerWorx is specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical co-ops across the nation. Architected to provide end-to-end integration with existing systems and customizable workflows, PowerWorx goes far beyond just form-based data collection and allows for graphical data analysis and business optimization opportunities that can change how electrical co-ops work.


Streamline the collection of inspection and safety data through the use of simple interactive forms. No paper needed.


Correlate and graphically analyze captured data to understand and improve business efficiencies.


Digital Workflows, Tasks and Tickets allow Coops to ensure operations policy and regulatory compliance.

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“PowerWorx is vastly exceeding our expectations and providing far more capabilities than we ever envisioned. It is clear to me that PowerWorx will become a driver to make our systems and operations more efficient and mitigate safety hazards.”

Brett Fosheim – Butte Electric Cooperative