Partnership is our foundation.


Pneuko Inc. is led by a strong team of professionals with a commitment to client satisfaction and the ongoing development and growth of your company and its employees.

Jason Boke

Jason’s technology company, Northern Hills Technology, in Spearfish, South Dakota has provided technology services and support for businesses across the Midwestern US since 1997.

Kevin Khelawan

Kevin’s technology company, Teleios Systems Ltd., in Port of Spain, Trinidad has provided software development services for businesses across the Caribbean since 1997.

Our History

In 2013, the owners of two technology companies, one from South Dakota and one from Trinidad, both began to serve together as managers of the technology sector of a global non-profit. Joined by their common belief in the mission of the organization, they were tasked with the development of systems to grow the global capacity of the organization’s delivery of technology services.

In 2017, when approached by an electrical co-op with the request for a method to capture safety data digitally, Jason and Kevin began to leverage the strengths of their two companies in an effort to provide the co-op with a tool that could not only to meet their current needs, but to help expand their understanding of the relationships between data points and the correlated business optimization opportunities.

Officially forming Pneuko Inc. in 2018, the Pneuko team now offers its SaaS solution to electrical co-ops across the nation, not only helping to capture safety and field data but providing tools to analyze and understand the data which can change the way the co-op does business.