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Pneuko Inc. is a provider of enterprise software applications that enable digital transformation, safety and compliance within the utilities industries.
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Beyond Collection:
Analyze and Understand

Pneuko’s software solution allows electrical co-ops to leverage the power of technology to not only capture safety, inspection and form data, but to analyze the data at a much more comprehensive level.

Through the use of dynamic dashboards, automated notifications and predictive analysis, Pneuko’s solutions are changing how electrical co-ops understand operations, optimize efficiencies and as a result, lower operational costs.

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Success means choosing a development partner that empowers your people and enables your business to be agile, efficient and flexible. Pneuko Inc.'s software solution is built for the cloud, optimized for mobile, and designed with your unique workflow in mind.

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PowerWorx is specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical co-ops across the nation. Architected to provide end-to-end integration with existing systems and workflows, PowerWorx goes far beyond just form-based data collection and allows for graphical data analysis and business optimization opportunities that can change how electrical co-ops work.

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“PowerWorx is a much easier and far more accurate way of collecting inspection, form and safety data than we have ever had in the past. Through the use of the app and dashboards, we are now able to dynamically analyze and inspect for trends or problems that we previously had to correlate manually.”

Brett Fosheim – Butte Electric Cooperative